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Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum – Limited Offer

60-day treatment, 30ml/1oz

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An entire skincare routine in a single product.

  • Rapidly smoothes skin texture (usually within 7 days)
  • Clarifies complexion & controls oil (in 2-3 weeks)
  • Fills in deep lines or wrinkles (within a single bottle, guaranteed)

Clinically proven more effective than a $3,000 chemical peel.* Results guaranteed with proper application.

  • Lab-made batch, ready to ship
Protocol Skincare Retinol Serum Awards

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Water, Niacinamide, Cyclodextrin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Gluconolactone, Carnitine (L), Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Enzyme-Active Retinol/Retinal/Retinaldehyde, Phenylethyl Resorcinol, Bisabolol (L-alpha), Tocopheryl Acetate (D-alpha), Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract, Lonicera Caprifolium Flower Extract, Sodium Lactate, Lecithin, Ethanol, Pentylene Glycol, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate

This award-winning serum captures the most gentle and effective form retinol on Earth (retinal)––estimated by dermatologists to be 20x more effective than regular retinol. This elusive ingredient is captured using Protocol's patented oxygen-free bottling technology, designed by the Protocol Lab Team in collaboration with aerospace engineers.

Most clients see improvements within 10 days.

Formulation and active ingredient found to be more effective at reversing wrinkles and dark spots than a $3,000 glycolic acid chemical peel applied in a clinical setting. 
C. Rouvrais. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2018 Dec;17(6):1136-1143

Key Active:

0.1% retinal, the enzyme-calibrated form of retinol. (i.e., naturally-occuring retinaldehyde)

All products are vegan, cruelty free and 100% recyclable through our Emptiez Recycling Program.

Apply one pump at night after cleansing or rinsing with water while skin is still damp. Beginning users should wait a few minutes or until dry before following up with evening moisturizer. Advanced users can wait up to 30 minutes before applying moisturizer to maximize potency. This product is compatible with other toners or actives, however, as a general practice our lab team recommends a simple cleanser, active, moisturizer routine for all skin types. Our clients often find that this serum allows them to remove several steps from their routine with better results.

For further details, don't forget to check out our blog.

"This is simply the most advanced and effective non-prescription retinol serum on the market."

- Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Jen Haley

Don't take our word for it


This is unbelievable. I'm 32. I've been using retinol products and "Retin-'A'" 0.05 for about 6 years. I microneedle and get red light therapy. This is the best retinol I have ever used. I've seen more results from one week of use than I have from months of "Retin-'A'". I can also use it every night without drying which is insane. I'll report back in 6 months but this is not a drill. It is. The best.


Verified Buyer


It's totally changed the game for me. It brightens my skin and clears breakouts without overdrying, which is truly all I've ever wanted my retinol to do.

Maria Del Russo


Holy grail of retinoids for sensitive skin. This is the only retinol that I've been able to use without a single side effect. I'm actually impressed that it's been living up to all the promises.

Julie C.

Verified Buyer


I've seen real results with both, as has my partner who I coerced into testing right along with me (sorry not sorry), and they have a decent shelf life without a ton of preservatives

Hannah Baxter

Zoe Report


First time retinol user, my wife gave me an order of the Retinol Serum for my birthday. Prior to the gift I had never even heard of Retinol. I have been using it daily for about a month now and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I'm 47 years old and my skin looks great. The serum has evened out my complexion and my face has never felt to good.


Verified Buyer


No Irritation. I've been using retinols for years, and this one doesn't cause any irritation, peeling, or dryness. I use it nightly with ease. It absorbs easily and quickly, and I follow it with moisturizer. I have oily skin, and I recommend this for anyone else who does also. I really appreciate the thoughtful packaging. I hate to see skin care go to waste from expiring, so it's good to know I can get full use out of this product.

Julia J.

Verified Buyer


Wow! This is by far the best retinol I have ever used. No drying and my skin is glowing. I am 58 years old and my wrinkles are starting to disappear.

Joanne B.

Verified Buyer


OMG This by far has made more difference in my skin than any other product. It’s non irritating which is HUGE plus and it delivers! I’m on my 3rd bottle and I recommend it to women of all ages, go get it!

Jackie L.

Verified Buyer


It's simply AMAZING
This Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum product is something really special and extremely effective, so I can see the result on my skin is very obvious: younger, smoother more hydrated skin I ever had...

Thanks guys for this creation!

Galina G.

Verified Buyer

clinically measured
Pure, renewing power

There are A LOT of ingredients that can technically be called "retinol" in skincare products (retinyl palmitate, hydroxypinacolone retinoate, retinaldehyde, retinol retinoate,...and on and on).

However, only one form has been clinically measured to reduce wrinkle depth within weeks...and without drying or irritation. This form, which we call Enzyme-Active Retinol (more commonly known as "retinal" with an "a"), is the form that is naturally created by your skin when you apply regular retinol (Vitamin A) to it. By applying this super-bioavailable form directly, you save your skin the irritation of converting it and instead get just pure, renewing power.

Protocol Skincare Retinol Serum Airless Pump Technology
Bottled in a 100% oxygen-free and UV-free environment

This form of retinol is extremely fragile and needs to be made and bottled in a 100% oxygen-free and UV-free environment. Protocol's lab team uses patented containment technology that was designed for the nuclear and aerospace industry to ensure each serum is made without exposure to a single oxygen molecule or ray of light.

The secret that brings it all together though, is what we call our Little Orange Ingredient Fortress.

Our clinical-grade, totally airless and UV-proof bottle that's built like the space shuttle to protect our advanced and fragile ingredients. The quality of product it delivers will be apparent from the first pump.


Yes, Most people can use retinol every day! However, everyone's skin is different. If you have never used retinol before you may choose to ease into use by only applying every other day before transition to daily application. You can also mix it with your moisturizer the first few weeks in order to reduce the absorption rate. Once you are ready, we recommend applying retinol at night, letting it sit for 5 to 30 minutes do allow for absorption and then applying a hydrating moisturizer.

Retinol acts like a super nutrient for your skin cells. It's boosts dozens of important renewing processes in your skin to visibly fill in wrinkles and fine lines, fade dark spots and encourage natural collagen production. Overall, you'll see smoother, more even and youthful-looking skin! Our Enzyme-Active Retinol Serum includes the only form of retinol that is clinically measured to reduce wrinkle depth within 14 days, without irritating your skin.

Different age groups use retinol for different purposes. Younger clients or clients who still struggle with breakouts use retinol for breakout-control and skin clarifying. Clients who are seeing signs of aging (at any age) use retinol to reverse signs of aging as well as to prevent aging signs from forming! If you see no visible signs of aging, we recommend to focus on daily application of Vitamin C Serum and once-annual application of retinol. After your first visible signs of aging, we recommend daily use of retinol as well.

Scientific solutions work for all skin types.