Emptiez Cosmetics Recycling Program

sustainable skincare recycling program

Protocol has partnered with TerraCycle's Zero Waste Box to create our Emptiez Recycling Program, to super-recycle every last molecule of your empty cosmetics.

Our products are 100% recyclable and made of medical-grade, FDA-registered materials. 

However, in recent years, US curbside recycling programs — despite their best effort with limited funding — have become less and less effective. Many of the plastics submitted through these programs end up in landfills or the oceans

This inspired our Lab Director, Davis, to find a water-tight solution that would guarantee the complete and efficient recycling and reuse of every product and material submitted. 

Through our Emptiez program, we will accept up to one pound of your empty cosmetics bottles per year, whether they’re our own or from other brands. We’ll cover the cost of recycling every component through TerraCycle's high-end, private recycling facilities. 

To join the program and return your empties, simply email recycling@protocol-lab.com and we’ll send you a return label for use with our Protocol mailer. 


Coming soon…

As Protocol grows (and as materials manufacturers catch up to our complex packaging requirements), we will replace as many components of our bottles as possible with more sustainable alternatives

Glass remains a costly drain on the environment because of its added weight and the additional fossil fuels needed to transport it. For that reason, it's not something we're focused on for our packaging development. 

Instead, we’re focused on light, biodegradable plastics that take a minimal toll on the environment during production and after they’ve been used. Keep an eye out, because they’re on the horizon!